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Intuitive High Quality Visualization of Algebraic Surfaces

You can easily produce images and animations of algebraic surfaces and curves on them with surfex.

In the background, surfex uses the well-known algebraic surface raytracer surf which allows surfex to give such good results.

NEW VERSION! On Sept. 22, 2008, we uploaded the new pre-release of surfex: v. 0.90.00. Our software is now published under the licence GPL (version 3 or later).

surfex.lib: surfex now comes together with a Singular library which allows simple access of surfex from the computer algebra system Singular. The library and related examples is contained in the sub-folder called Singular in the surfex-distribution.

Documentation and Examples: Unfortunately, the documentation is not up to date. The current version has more features than those discussed in the documenation file. The best way to learn about these is to have a look at the examples file contained in the examples sub-directory of the distribution.

Known bugs: - surfex does not work correctly if blanks (e.g., spaces or tabs) occur in path names or file names!
- the lamps are sometimes far away, sometimes closer; this causes the pictures to be sometimes brighter or darker than they should be; we are working on solving this problem!

Current version: 0_90_00, available for Linux, Mac OS X (still without documentation, read the Linux doc instead), and Windows (via Singular's cygwin)
>>> download and install section. There are still some bugs and lots of missing features, but I hope that the tool will also be useful in its current state.

An example of a picture which shows two surfaces (a (red) singular cubic surface and a (violet) sphere), and also some lines on the surface.

An example of an animation produced using surfex. See the examples section for more.

We are looking forward to receiving any kind of feedback, either positive or negative.

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